Manila Standard Today – Rafael is a proud Pinoy

Actor Rafael Rosell first tried the clothing brand Obra ni Juan when he was looking for a pair of cropped pants for capoeira.

“I bought the 3/4 pants but I liked their shirts, too, because of the material which is very suited to our climate,” says Rosell who, years after that purchase, was offered to endorse the brand.

The actor, whose dream is to own a farm where he will plant vegetables and trade produce with his neighbors, loves organic food. He has been a pescetarian for five years and a vegetarian/vegan since 2013. Rosell loves to cook and claims to make a “killer stir fry” which he serves with quinoa.

The choice of endorser for the Antipolo-based clothing brand may be unusual since everybody knows Rosell is not pure Filipino but apparently, this popular belief is false. While the actor spent 18 years of his life in Norway, where his parents met, fell in love and got married, he is pure Pinoy. Rosell’s mother is from Bicol and his father is from Cebu. At 31, he is the oldest of three children.

He likes Obra ni Juan because he likes anything that is distinctly Filipino.

“When I choose my clothes, it is usually for comfort over fashion. Like any other person, I like to look gold but I don’t like being too trendy. Comfort and function are very important when I make my choices,” says Rosell.

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